Our Process

This brief guide walks through each step of the process, and every touch-point you’ll have with your production company.

As the process differs between producing live action and animation, we share the process for Live Action Videos to give you a quick overview of what you might expect.


We will start by asking you some questions about your video and what you’re hoping to achieve. We ask a pre-defined list of questions that help us get a good understanding of your objectives.

We’ll provide you with a Scope of Work that outlines our findings, key milestones and the delivery deadline. This document is important as it ensures that we are on the same page both in terms of the video and who is doing what and when.


Once the budget and Scope of Work has been agreed, it’s time to start thinking about what you want the video to say. We’ll work together to create a script that will communicate your message effectively. If applicable, we may also create a storyboard that visually represents the shots in your video. We’ll involve you in this creative development process for ideas and feedback as this is an essential stage in the video’s creation.


Once you’re happy, we’ll start to put together an editing calendar that meets the agreed delivery deadline. Many different aspects of the production process may impact the timeline, but if you have a tight schedule please do let us know in advance.

We’ll work together to find a filming location that best suits your video and your budget. We’ll then do a recce of the space to make sure that there are no elements that might prove difficult on the filming day, such as noisy air conditioning that might impact sound quality.


We will send out a call sheet to the talent, crew and client that includes the shooting location and arrival time. This document will also include a shoot schedule that lists what content is being shot in what order and at what time. Once we reach filming day, the crew will arrive and set up in preparation for a day of filming. Once the talent has arrived, we’ll begin shooting. It’s entirely up to you if you’d like to attend the filming days.


Once everything is shot, our editor will assemble a first draft of your video using the script and storyboard.
You’ll have a chance to offer feedback after the first draft has been delivered. The editor will then make any necessary changes and offer you another chance to review the video.


Once you’ve received your video, it’s time to distribute it to your audience! We also offer promotional services to help your video receive maximum exposure from its intended audience. Just let us know if this is something you’d like to know more about.

We welcome feedback at the end of our projects to help us improve our customer service and production process. We value client opinions and strive to provide a service that you’d use again and again. Additionally, if you wish to leave us a Google review, we are happy for you to do so. As you can see from our listing, many other satisfied clients have done so.